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Player List

2Manolis LaledakisEgaleo City RFCHooker, Prop0000--00
3IveryEgaleo City RFCHooker, Prop0000--00
4Giannis KoulaxenosEgaleo City RFCCentre, Flanker, Lock0000--00
5Aggelos GeorgantisEgaleo City RFCFlanker, Lock, Number Eight0000--00
6Henry ObiEgaleo City RFCCentre, Flanker, Lock3000--015
7Vaggelis VelissarisEgaleo City RFCFlanker, Lock0000--00
8Greg BourgosEgaleo City RFCLock, Number Eight, Prop00001,9512100
9Madalin BlodjuEgaleo City RFCScrum-half0000--00
10Giannis KonstantisEgaleo City RFCFly-half, Scrum-half0000--00
11Panagiotis AlefragkisEgaleo City RFCWing0000--00
12Aristotelis MantikasEgaleo City RFCCentre0000--00
13Giorgos KoynelakisEgaleo City RFCCentre0000--00
14Michalis KleitsasEgaleo City RFCFull-back, Wing0000--00
15Spiros AlifragkisEgaleo City RFCFull-back, Wing0000--00
16Klajdi SefaEgaleo City RFCLock, Prop0000--00
17Thanasis StaikosEgaleo City RFCLock0000--00
19Panagiotis StamatopoulosEgaleo City RFCProp0000--00
20Aris StathisEgaleo City RFCCentre, Full-back0000--00
21Dimitris KalderisEgaleo City RFCHooker, Prop00001,8011000
22Giorgos XenidisEgaleo City RFCWing0000--00